WE supply all types of Welding equipment from professional brands including Kemppi, Lincoln, Esab, Harris, BOC and Thermal Arc.

Whatever you are welding or however you are welding we can supply all equipment and consumables to meet your needs including MIG, TIG, GAS, and MME (stick) welding and Personal Protective equipment.

Welding Machines

A full range of welding machines including MIG welders, TIG Welders, MME (stick) Welders, ACDC, 2&3 Phase Machines are all available in professional brands and at a great range of prices from Hobby Welding to professional welding.


MIG Torches and Tips, TIG rods and Back Caps, Ceramics and Shrouds, PNM & ANM Nozzles and Gas cutting Nozzles. Spark lighters, Flints and chalk and lots more in stock ready to take away.

We also stock MIG Wire 15 & 5kg reels, TIG rods Including CCMS, A18 & A15 rods, Electrodes including Stainless Steel, hard facing and Cast Iron rods. All wire and rods meet regulations with certificates and Lot numbers supplied on request.

All specialised rods can be sourced, Call or Email us or drop in store to discuss your requirements.

Gas Welding

A full range of Gas Cutting Equipment In store including Cutting Guns in various sizes, Combi Shank Guns and Full range of Combli Lite and Medium Duty nozzles in all sizes. PNM and ANM cutting nozzles in all sizes. Head Nuts, Mixers, Gouging Nozzles and Nozzle Cleaner Kits also in stock.

Gas Control Equipment

Here in store we have a wide range of supplies for your Gas Control needs including Regulators: Oxygen, Acetylene, Argon and Propane. Flash backs, single use and resettable. Flowmeters. Gas pipes, Nuts and Splicers and other connection parts.

Personal Protective Equipment

From professional welding PPE to standard Safety wear we have wide range. Welding Helmets from Lincoln and BOC and all Lenses and parts on sale. Weld screens, Gloves and Gauntlets.

Eye protection from Bolle. Glasses/Specs and Goggles shaded and unshaded. Steel Toe Cap boots from De-Walt and Blue Steel and other brand-named foot wear. Ear defenders and plugs and Dust Masks all in stock.

Flame retardant Overalls in all colours and sizes available.

Watson Reversible Welding Hats in various sizes and styles in stock now.